KIller whales of Sea Lion Island


This page contains videos of killer whales taken at Sea Lion Island.

Please see them at full screen size for better viewing.


A sample of killer whale behaviours


A short trailer showing various killer whale behaviours.


Failed predations


Not seeing the prey


In this video, the killer whales of the Puma's pod are briefly stopping in front of a moulting adult female elephant seal that is floating in shallow waters. Notwithstanding the very short distance, just a few meters, the killer whales are apparently not aware of the elephant seal female presence, and make no attemp to hunt her.


Youngs behaviour


Swimming in shallow waters



Calves of the Puma's pod are used to come very close to Sea Lion Island beaches. In this video Tazzina, the older and bigger of the calves, that is almost the size of an adult female, is swiimming together with Nene (intermediate size and age) and Pinnino (the younger and smaller one) in the shallow and clear waters of the sound beach of Sea Lion Island.


Interactions with humans


Close encounter with kayaks



In this video Puma first, and her calves later, have a close look to a group of kayaks from a cruise ship visiting Sea Lion Island.



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