Drone for environmental monitoring

2017 report

The Elephant Seal Research Group is using a drone to assist environmental research and monitoring. Being strinctly limited in funding, we are currently using a semi-professional drone, a DJI Phantom 3, that is anyway able to provide high resolution pictures and videos.


Cormorant colony

The main Sea Lion Island cormorant colony from the drone


We are using our drone to:

1) Study killer whale behaviour by taking pitures and videos from the air, when killer whales come close to the shore in shallow water, see page

Killer whales from the drone

Killer whales from the drone

2) Take pitures of marine bird nesting areas, and carry out counts on the picture, see page

3) Acquire georeferenced aerial imagery to study changes in landscape, with a specific on ephemeral habitats, see page

Ponds from the air

Four Sea Lion Island ponds from the drone, to study changes in water level

4) acquire aerial imagery to evaluate the effectiveness of management policies (for example, tussak grass replanting), see page

For more information please contact us by email at fil_esrg@eleseal.org. Thank you for your interest in our research projects !